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with KEYNOTEwellestablished consultancy. 

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Cédric Sueur

University of Strasbourg
Strasbourg, France

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Cédric Sueur is associate Professor (Maître de Conférences) at the University of Strasbourg since 2011. He is mainly working on animal behaviour and specifically on social networking and decision-making in animal groups at the Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien. He got the Young Scientist Award from the French Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour in 2013, the Primates Social Impact Award in 2017 and the Adolphe Wetrems award in 2019. He is also fellow of the University of Strasbourg - Institute for Advanced Study and junior member since 2019 of the Institut Universitaire de France (http://www.iufrance.fr)
Wednesday, February 10

13:00 CET

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Thursday, February 11

13:00 CET

13:20 CET

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  • Digital Revolution in Health Care
  • Digitalisation and Ageing Workforce: Case Study of Italy
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  • Longevity Research
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  • Perception and Digital Skills
  • Social Isolation and Role of ICT
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