(eng)agingproject is run by Active Aging Center (AAC), a non-governmental organizationwhich develops 
projects focused on improving life of elderly - “Happy Senior” and “Good Investment”, in cooperation 
with KEYNOTEwellestablished consultancy. 

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Paul Moorhead

30+ years in tech product development - BT, Intel, Nortel, Openwave, Replify, Meridio/Autonomy, Singularity.
Founder of Kraydel in 2016 - ambition to enable safe and healthy independent living for older adults through easy-to-use technology. We're at the convergence of many technologies and approaches - IoT, ML, analytics, social networks etc. We watnt to tackle loneliness and isolation, health inequality, and change the economics of elder care.
Our product turns the TV into an easy-to-use social engagment portal accessible to all. We're working with care providers of all kinds to enable telehealth, Covid-19 shielding without the loneliness, and increase the resilience of older adults.
Talk to me if you share any of these interests, have technology or a product that may play a part in this (even if you're a competitor), or are just curious.

Wednesday, February 10

13:00 CET

13:30 CET

13:50 CET

14:10 CET

14:30 CET

15:00 CET

15:30 CET

15:50 CET

16:10 CET

16:30 CET

17:00 CET

17:15 CET

17:45 CET

18:05 CET

18:30 CET

Thursday, February 11

13:20 CET

14:15 CET

14:45 CET

15:15 CET

16:45 CET

17:00 CET

18:30 CET

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  • Digital Revolution in Health Care
  • Digitalisation and Ageing Workforce: Case Study of Italy
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